We've started a new Stone Sorceress story: WASTED IN WONDERLAND!

Wonder what happened to Sara after she got sucked into the Tome of Temptaions?  Wonder what Stoney is doing to try to find his longtime lover?  Now you get to find out!  Naturally, there will be LOTS of explicit sex.  (And the first chapter is free!)

Not only that, but our patrons will help shape the story, and influence the art, etc.

This is going to be the most fun yet!

Assuming that controversial horny unicorn doesn't ruin everything!  ;-)

New chapters ever month.  Check it out!


To commemorate our 2000 fans on this here slightly flawed site (no comment deletion), we'll be uploading the rest of the episodes as soon as possible so all you fine folks can catch up with the rest of us.  And since censoring and cutting most of it out would be a waste of time, we'll be uploading the full versions.

But!  If 1% of you (20) find the material too erotic for NewGrounds, we'll just have to ruine it for the rest of the 99%!

Thank you for you support over the last 2 years of SS!  May you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Stone Sorceress - an animated series

2014-05-24 10:18:52 by stone-sorceress

Welcome to our gallery, please enjoy your visit! 

     Sara Slane, the Stone Sorceress, and her golem
lover, Stoney, use sexual magic to protect the world
from monsters of all kinds in this lighthearted fantasy

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adults-only adventure on Patreon today!


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